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Louisville Children’s Clinic
Jefferson Hospital Campus
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James W. Pilcher, Jr. M.D.
Internal Medicine

Dr. James W. Pilcher, Jr, MD, is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is an active member of our medical staff at Jefferson Hospital. Dr. Pilcher provides primary care in our Physician’s Health Group Clinic in Louisville. Dr. Pilcher has been practicing medicine for over 40 years.

Samuel Franklin, M.D.
Internal Medicine

Samuel Franklin, M.D. is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and is our newest member of our Medical Staff. Dr. Franklin joined the staff of Jefferson Hospital and Physicians’ Health Group in late 2017. Dr. Franklin provides primary care services in our Louisville Physicians’ Health Group.

Jennifer Tanner, PA-C
Physician Assistant

Jennifer Tanner, PA-C is a Certified Physician Assistant improving access to quality healthcare by providing efficient and comprehensive medical services in the Louisville Physicians’ Health Group Clinic. Though Jennifer currently provides care at our Louisville location, she has practiced in Wadley PHG, Wrens PHG and spent many years practicing in Jefferson Hospital’s Emergency Department.