Wrens PHG

Wrens Physicians' Health Group

400 Canterbury Drive
Wrens, Ga 30833
706-547-6409 Phone
706-547-9870 Fax

Wrens Pediatrics Clinic
400 Canterbury Drive
Wrens, Ga 30833
706-547-7055 Phone
706-547-2770 Fax

Nancy Cox, M.D.
Internal Medicine / Pediatrics

Dr. Nancy Cox, MD, is dual Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and has worked with Jefferson Hospital since 2011. In addition to her appointment as Chief of Staff she also provides excellent patient care at Wrens Physicians’ Health Group and Wrens Pediatric Clinic.


Phillip Perkins, FNP-C

Phillip Perkins, FNP-C is a Family Nurse Practitioner in our Wrens Physicians’ Health Group. Phillip started his healthcare career as a paramedic in Johnson and Washington Counties. Before becoming a Nurse Practitioner, Phillips worked as a Registered Nurse in Jefferson Hospital’s Emergency Department for about 5 years. Phillip is prepared to offer exceptional care and support at our Wrens PHG location.